Save The Alamo

The Alamo is suffering and needs our help:

  • Just 20% of the Alamo still stands from its mission and 1836 history.
  • The Alamo Church and Long Barrack suffer from age, rising damp and the devastating impact of traffic.
  • An irreverent carnival atmosphere dominates Alamo Plaza – which is the Alamo’s historic footprint – today.
  • The Alamo deserves a museum to tell its story.

We are Reinforcing the Alamo

  • Preserving the Alamo Church and Long Barrack
  • Closing the street to restore reverence and respect
  • Building the museum the Alamo deserves

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The Alamo is and will always be the Cradle of Texas Liberty.

On March 6, 1836, 189 Texians and Tejanos gave their lives at the Alamo for Texas liberty. Their sacrifice deserves reverence and honor. Since 2011, the Texas General Land Office manages and preserves the Alamo on behalf of the people of Texas. Under Commissioner George P. Bush’s leadership, the GLO, the city of San Antonio and Texans of goodwill are working together in a historic effort to restore the Alamo, recapture the 1836 battlefield, and reinforce the Alamo’s amazing story of sacrifice and heroism.

"David Crockett gave his life here. He once said a simple thing that revealed much about his character. Crockett said, “Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks.” My heart thinks there is no greater symbol of Texas than what you see here. There is no greater honor than to reinforce this place and tell its story. There is one name above others that echoes around the world, speaking courage and liberty to all who hear it – and that name is the Alamo."
- Commissioner George P. Bush


The Master Plan

Key Concepts:

  1. Restoration of the Church and Long Barracks.

  2. Reestablishing clarity and order through the delineation of the historic footprint.

  3. Recapture the Historic Mission Plaza and create a sense of reverence and respect on the historic battlefield.

  4. Repurpose the Crockett, Woolworth and Palace buildings into a world-class visitor center and museum that tells the story of the Battle of the Alamo and over 300 years of layered history.

  5. Create a sense of arrival to the site and enhance connectivity between the site and other public spaces.

[ Download the Master Plan Key Concepts ]