Master Plan

  • Restore the Church and Long Barrack.
  • Reestablish clarity and order through the delineation of the historic footprint.
  • Recapture the Historic Mission Plaza and create a sense of reverence and respect on the historic battlefield.
  • Repurpose the Crockett, Woolworth and Palace buildings into a world-class visitor center and museum that tells the story of the Battle of the Alamo and over 300 years of layered history.
  • Create a sense of arrival to the site and enhance connectivity between the site and other public spaces.

Preserving the Shrine of Texas Liberty

On March 6, 1836, 189 Texians and Tejanos gave their lives at the Alamo for Texas liberty. In 2011, the Texas Legislature tasked the General Land Office with management and maintenance of the Alamo and today, it remains under the custodianship of Commissioner George P. Bush. In January of 2019, the Alamo plaza was finally reunified, and efforts began to reclaim the historic 1836 Battlefield. The story of the Alamo is world renowned and represents the core of Texas’ identity today.

The efforts to preserve and restore the Alamo battlefield began in 2015 and has undergone intense debate and discussion. After much hard work, we are now beginning the largest preservation effort to protect and restore dignity to the Alamo and the story of the 1836 battle.

Current Events

The Investigation Stage will last about 20 months and the goal is to understand the concealed conditions of the Long Barrack and the Church. None of the technology used will impact these historic buildings. The Church will be open during this time, while the Long Barrack is closed. The Long Barrack will re-open as soon as possible. The artifacts were moved from the Long Barrack to the Alamo Special Exhibition Hall, which is still free to the public.

Preservation is based on three main concepts:

  1. Structural Integrity
  2. Moisture and Moisture Management
  3. Understanding the existing and lost historic building fabric

During the investigative period visitors will be able to experience the thrill of a live dig site, as our team of archaeologists and engineers unearth history. Seeing real-time preservation efforts on a beloved structure and a live archaeological site is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all visitors.

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